Interior Hours

by Kurt Thomas

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The reason for creating sounds depends on many factors; geography, personality, the tools at hand...Kurt Thomas felt the need to unlock his brain from the sounds circling around while utilizing said factors. The sounds of the city continued to entrap him post-Milwaukee living, as he and his family moved back to the hometown of Marquette, Michigan. He worked diligently, grinding away at his first release, Outside Earth Hours. He used his influences of electronic music and synth pop, while also applying prior knowledge from his music education degree he earned at Northern Michigan University, where he studied voice.

A vocal album, save for a few instrumentals (beatstrumentals?), Outside... was the debut "album" from Kurt, after his tenure as Turkhaus, his experimental beat-making and clunk-tronic alias. With this debut he took things much farther in terms of care of production and song-craft, while also channeling personal issues in his life (moving to a big city and back with his family, trials of a new job, feelings of failure and demotivation). He used these ghosts to his advantage as the impetus of a quasi-narrative, shielding these feelings under a guise of analog drum machine samples and chopped up synthesizer.

Post-release of his debut, Kurt discovered new production techniques, mainly the use of Ableton Live and midi controllers. These tools opened the cellar door, tumbling him down the rabbit hole of ideas and breathed new life into this project. With the prospect of bringing these ideas to a live arena, he developed backing tracks for the songs from Outside Earth Hours on Ableton, ready for a live audience.

The results are a 10-track journey into the subconscious of Kurt Thomas; a synthesized, neatly-arranged grid of sounds and beats, a landscape in its own right. While vocals may have a place in these ideas, this wordless product also closes a chapter and seals away the remainder of specters in a ghost trap; another offering of sacrifice to the altar of sound.


released October 23, 2016

Kurt Hauswirth = Kurt Thomas = all the things



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Kurt Thomas Marquette, Michigan

Kurt Hauswirth makes music as Kurt Thomas. Home brewed electronic pop and rock.

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